Light Therapy in Catonsville, MD

Harness the power of intense pulsed light and work to get clear and healthy skin you have been dreaming of with our approach to light therapy in Catonsville, MD. Intense pulsed light, otherwise known as IPL, is a process that is now possible when you establish a partnership for treatment at Noor Laser Center. Our team of medical professionals is equipped with the advanced tools and techniques needed for extensive photofacial rejuvenation.

Instead of continually coating those troublesome sun spots and age spots with more and more cosmetics as you grow older, there is now an advanced alternative that does not involve painful surgical procedures. Our LED therapy utilizes light pulses at specific wavelengths to promote collagen production while increasing natural circulation. If you are suffering from acne or have been living with acne scars for too long, this may be the right approach to take.

Carefully remove the signs of aging without cutting your face into pieces with the help of our LED face treatment. The light we use is free of ultraviolet rays and is specifically tuned to clinically evaluated wavelengths for maximum results. This non-invasive and affordable alternative to over-the-counter treatments and surgical procedures can save you a great deal of time when it comes to recovery as well.

An Innovative Approach to IPL

The latest technological advancements in lasers and skin treatment are now available to you when you visit our office for a consultation. Our use of IPL can help provide you with clear skin you have been dreaming of*. This targeted approach uses radiofrequency energy to remove only the vascular and pigmented regions of the skin that are causing you the most embarrassment.

The elevated temperature of the skin that results from this IPL treatment is what leads to photofacial rejuvenation. This strategic approach to treating age spots and vascular lesions leaves the surrounding skin unharmed, and you won't have to endure weeks of healing. This sublative and sublime rejuvenation process offers color correction through the use of ELOS E-light equipment.

*As with any treatment, results may vary from person to person.

Woman After Light Therapy in Catonsville, MD

Leading-Edge LED Therapy

Get a transformative facial through the power of LED therapy when you make our office your source for non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Our professionals have extensive training with this advanced equipment, and we also offer permanent laser hair removal as well. If you are looking for a facial treatment process that does not involve harsh chemicals, you may find our office has the options you need. Ask our team about the clinically-specific LED face treatment that should only take about an hour to complete.

Contact us today to rejuvenate your appearance dramatically with our approach to light therapy. We proudly serve clients in Catonsville, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Columbia, and Elkridge, Maryland, and surrounding communities.