Ultrashape in Catonsville, MD

Eating healthy foods and routinely exercising is essential for a long and healthy life, but they aren’t always enough. We offer you the easy option of Ultrashape in Catonsville, MD, which may offer you faster results*. Our methods are perfectly safe and without the risks that procedures like liposuction pose. You can trust in our more than 15 years of experience and use of up-to-date and scientifically sound technology.

Book a free consultation, so you can learn all about our non-surgical weight loss techniques before committing to pay a penny. We’re happy to apply it to your arms, abdomen, flanks, and both sides of your thighs, depending on your needs and goals. If you do decide that Ultrashape is right for you, we provide flexible payment options and a relaxing environment at our medical spa. You’re always welcome to ask us any questions—we want you to be confident in your decision and love the results.

*As with any treatment, results may vary from person to person.

Ultrashape Weight Loss

How Ultrashape Weight Loss Works

This procedure is designed to liquidate and energize your fat cells and use your body’s natural metabolism to remove byproducts. There’s no worry of scarring and no need for recovery time. We use controlled energy to target a specific layer of fat under the skin to help you get that one bit of fat that just won’t go away. This is a much more affordable body contouring method than other procedures, which is why we’re glad to offer it. Everyone should be able to have bodies they feel good about and love themselves in.

You’ll enjoy not having to undergo any anesthesia, needles, or other unpleasant preparations. Non-invasive fat reduction is far more convenient and saves money by sparing you all of those extra charges. All you have to do is let us know what you’re hoping to achieve and we'll do all we can to make that happen.

What Kind Of Fat Does Ultrashape Target?

As individuals we have two types of fat in our bodies: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is the kind that forms around organs and its best targeted via a healthy diet and adequate exercise. Subcutaneous fat is the more difficult of the two fats. Forming just under the skin, its often hard to rid your body of subcutaneous fat with diet and exercise. Our patients commonly complain that its resistant to even the best weight loss attempts.

After sharing this frustration, we scoured the marketplace in hopes to find a product that could benefit our patients in a painless and affordable manner. Our search stopped when we found UltraShape. UltraShape's ultrasound energy technology is able to quickly and easily target and treat this tough to combat fat*.

What's The Ultrashape Process?

After initial consultation, the UltraShape procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art office. Patients lie down and our staff positions patients in a way that lends itself to a successful treatment. UltraShape is non-invasive and produces successful results without the need for anesthesia, incisions or recovery time. The procedure is painless and patients are completely relaxed during the process. Because of the unique hand piece on the UltraShape machine, we are able to skillfully and beautifully contour your body.

How Is The Fat Razed?

UltraShape procedures are based on a natural fat clearance process. The ultrasound energy of UltraShape breaks fat cell walls in the body then releases the fat in the form of triglycerides. The triglycerides are then processed through the liver and naturally eliminated from the body. This process leaves the surrounding nerves, tissue and muscle completely unharmed.

Are There Obvious Signs Of Ultrashape Treatment?

The only sign will be your svelte shape in the targeted area! You will not experience redness, swelling or bruising*.

Reasons to Go for Professional Fat Reduction

Although exercise and healthy eating habits are important regardless of weight, they don’t always yield the full results that people are hoping for. If you’ve been working out and dieting for a long time and still aren’t satisfied, you now have another choice—one that won’t cost you a fortune or take up your time with recovery. We work hard to make every client who sets foot in our spa feel as beautiful as they are, inside and out.

Contact us to book your consultation and ask any questions. We welcome customers from Catonsville, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Columbia, and Elkridge, Maryland, and the neighboring areas.

*As with any treatment, results may vary from person to person.